Balloon Sydney

Let a Sydney hot air balloon ride open up spectacular views of the nearby Camden Valley.

With the breeze as your guide expect to see this stunning part of NSW open up before you like never before! With 360 degree views of historic towns, meandering rivers, verdant forested mountains, patchwork fields, and a shimmering sea beckoning on the horizon.

Sydney ballooning: simply magical; simply unforgettable.

1 hour balloon ride
Incredible views
Al a carte breakfast
Lifelong memories
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Let’s get you aloft on a balloon ride near Sydney in the picturesque Camden Valley. With the rising sun setting the scene and the whim of the wind deciding the adventure, this is an iconic ballooning flight in Australia. With 360 degree views and an epic landscape unfolding before you, this is a hot air balloon flight you’ll never forget.

Launching at the heart of the MacArthur region, you will be flanked in the distance by two green, mountainous ridges which ensnare the patchwork valley between them. To the north, so sunlit views start to emerge of the jagged peaks of the Blue Mountains. Below the glistening Nepean River snakes on a north-south journey past historic towns and rolling farmland. As you begin to ascend, be on the lookout for Camden Park House, built for the MacArthur family back in the 1830s.

No matter which way you drift, you can expect seemingly endless horizons and a sense of freedom that ignite the senses. The views, along with the elegance of the balloon, will captivate you conjure dreams and memories to last a lifetime. So book your Sydney balloon flight and experience the magic of ballooning with us!



Let's Get Aloft!

Once you've arrived at your Sydney balloon launch, the expert team will get to work prepping the balloon; this of course includes inflating the giant envelope (the big round bit at the top!), and ensuring all equipment is double-checked for fitting and safety. After which, it's time to hop aboad the basket and really start to feel those emotions and anticipation truly start to pulse.


Float with the Wind!

Jaw-dropping views await, along with an incredible feeling of freedom. Whatever nerves you may have had, have been left far below on the ground, and the sensation of floating above the world is igniting your senses in a way few things in life can do! With the breeze as your personal guide, drift lazily along and capture epic panoramas from a vantage point that is truly unique.


Celebrate Awesome!

With your balloon flight coming to an end, your pilot and ground crew will decide on a landing spot, where you will come back down to earth with the most gentlest of bumps. You will feel elated and be grinning from ear to ear! A balloon ride really is a bucket list item, and you will have just ticked it off - what feeling! Time to celebrate your achievement with a hearty al la carte breakfast!

Bucket List
Your one hour balloon flight over the Camden Valley. Insurances . Interactive experience in the inflation/deflation processes. Delicious gourmet breakfast at the Camden Valley Inn.
Pick ups from Sydney CBD hotels. These can be arranged for an additional cost, you will need to contact the ballooning team to arrange hotel pick ups if required.
Flight are in the morning. Your Sydney Balloon Flight adventure begins with a short trip to your launch site. This is determined by your pilot and depends on the wind direction on the morning. We have over a dozen launch sites to choose from in the Macarthur region. This is a great opportunity to get to know your pilot and crew and ask any questions your may have.
We would recommend wearing clothes that you would for outdoor activities such as walking/hiking - this includes sturdy shoes and warm socks! We'd also say to bring a cap, sunglasses, a change of socks, a bottle of water, and of course a CAMERA!!