Balloon Launceston

Escape to the skies over Launceston for some of Australia’s most epic hot air ballooning views.

Imagine floating gently over historic properties, rolling farmland, verdant wineries and pristine wilderness. Imagine no more. Let a hot air ballon ride over Northern Tasmania open up stunning 360 degree views of this unforgettable island like nothing else can.

Truly magical; truly awesome; truly Tasmania!

60 minute ballooning
Incredible views
In-flight commentary
Naturally epic
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Let the rugged beauty of northern Tasmania provide the backdrop to a simply unforgettable ballon flight overhead. Be captivated as immersive 360 degree vistas reveal themselves, and their mosaic of manmade sights and immense natural beauty. As you rise up higher on the crisp air, your breath will be taken away by the serenity around you.

You'll start your day in anticipation of greeting the morning sun, when the weather is at its most conducive to ballooning. As you breathe in the clean air, so you'll start to feel the tingle of excitement as the crew start to prepare the balloon for inflation. Feelings start to hot up as the burners get ignited and the flames start to roar their hot air into the envelope. With your aerial chariot ready, you'll jump aboard and set sail for the sky, and some of the most incredible views you'll ever get to see.

Drifting with the morning sun, you'll take in majestic nature, historic properties, ordered vineyards and any number of other sights which drift into view. Every balloon ride is unique, and every one is something that will, quite simply, create memories to last a lifetime. This is ballooning Tasmania style!



Let's Get Aloft!

Once you've arrived at your Launceston balloon launch, the expert team will get to work prepping the balloon; this of course includes inflating the giant envelope (the big round bit at the top!), and ensuring all equipment is double-checked for fitting and safety. After which, it's time to hop aboad the basket and really start to feel those emotions and anticipation start to pulse.


Float with the Wind!

Jaw-dropping Tasmania views await, along with an incredible feeling of freedom. Whatever nerves you may have had, have been left far below on the ground, and the sensation of floating above the world is igniting your senses in a way few things in life can do! With the breeze as your personal guide, drift lazily along and capture epic panoramas from a vantage point that is truly unique.


Celebrate Awesome!

With your balloon flight coming to an end, your pilot and ground crew will decide on a landing spot, where you will come back down to earth with the most gentlest of bumps. You will feel elated and be grinning from ear to ear! A balloon ride really is a bucket list item, and you will have just ticked it off - what feeling! Time to celebrate your achievement with a hearty breakfast and a champagne toast!

Bucket List
Your experience includes an hour long flight and transfers.
Departing from The Sebel Hotel in Launceston. 12114 Sl John Street, Launceston or Opposite JJ's Bakery on Wellington Street, Longford, Northern Midlands. Either meeting point is determined by the wind direction forecasted for that day.
We would recommend wearing clothes that you would for outdoor activities such as walking/hiking - this includes sturdy shoes and warm socks! We'd also say to bring a cap, sunglasses, a change of socks, a bottle of water, and of course a CAMERA!!