Balloon Cairns

Escape on a magical hot air balloon flight from Cairns.

Rising up gently into the morning sun, so the beauty and expanse of the Atherton Tablelands unfold below you. As the day awakens, so you will drift effortlessly over farmland, sparking rivers and verdant forests; all the while feeling as free as the wind.

Experience the allure of ballooning and create memories that last a lifetime!

40+ mins ballooning
Incredible views
Return transport
Lifelong memories
Prices & Availability



Your day starts with being collected from your Cairns, Northern Beaches or Palm Cove accommodation, for your transfer to Mareeba via a winding drive up from the coast, through the rainforest, to the broad expanse of the Atherton Tablelands. Here you will meet your professional ballooning crew who will take care of you for the duration of your flight.

With the balloon inflated, it’s time to jump aboard and with the feelings of excitement and anticipation, it’s time to head for the sky. As the landscape starts to become bigger and bigger with each passing moment, expect the stunning views and sense of freedom to ignite your senses. Be on the lookout for the native wildlife as it too comes alive with the broadening sun. For at least 40 minutes you will be captivated by the stunning scenery, gracefulness of the balloon and the serenity of the escape. This an experience that makes memories to last a lifetime.

With the ride over, it's time to touch softly down and say goodbye to your ballooning adventure with the wind. You'll get taken back to Cairns, with your commemorative certificate proudly in your hand!



Let's Get Aloft!

Once you've arrived at your Cairns balloon launch, the expert team will get to work prepping the balloon; this of course includes inflating the giant envelope (the big round bit at the top!), and ensuring all equipment is double-checked for fitting and safety. After which, it's time to hop aboad the basket and really start to feel those emotions and anticipation start to pulse inside.


Float with the Wind!

Jaw-dropping Queensland views await, along with an incredible feeling of freedom. Whatever nerves you may have had, have been left far below on the ground, and the sensation of floating above the world is igniting your senses in a way few things in life can do! With the breeze as your personal guide, drift lazily along and capture epic panoramas from a vantage point that is truly unique.


Celebrate Awesome!

With your balloon flight coming to an end, your pilot and ground crew will decide on a landing spot, where you will come back down to earth with the most gentlest of bumps. You will feel elated and be grinning from ear to ear! A balloon ride really is a bucket list item, and you will have just ticked it off - what feeling! And of course, you'll have made amazing memories to last a lifetime!

Bucket List
Your balloon flight over the Atherton Tablelands includes a commemorative certificate of your cross country balloon chase. During the flight you'll enjoy expert interpretive commentary and fantastic photo opportunities. You will be covered on the ground and in the air by insurance. This balloon experience also includes return transportation to and from your Cairns accommodation.
Professional digital photos are available for purchase if your choose.
You will be collected from your Cairns accommodation at approximately 05:00 in the morning, for your transfer to the balloon launch site in Mareeba.
We would recommend wearing clothes that you would for outdoor activities such as walking/hiking - this includes sturdy shoes and warm socks! We'd also say to bring a cap, sunglasses, a change of socks, abetted of water and of course a CAMERA!!